Poisonous Plants - Plants Toxic to Cats And Dogs

Poisonous Plants - Plants Toxic to Cats And Dogs

Poisonous House Plants Toxic To Cats And Dogs

People love garden plants for foods, decoration, or just because taking care of a succulent. But many of the outdoor on indoor house plants and common garden flowers that spruce up our surrounding are also poisonous. Kids and pets are the usual victims in plant poisoning because the have a tendency to explore the world with their mouths.

The common plant in your living room may be very poisonous to your dog and cats. If these poisonous plants are eaten, they can caused signs from mild irritation to death in several cases.

Common House Plants Toxic To Dogs – Front Garden Plants

Today we’re going over 10 common outdoor garden plants that are toxic to your dog and cats. What’s in your yard? Look at below common yard plants.

Begonias Plant Poisonous For Dogs
Begonias Plant Poisonous For Dogs


These beautiful perennials are very popular outdoor as well as indoor front garden plant. However, if they’re ingested by your dog, they can cause excessive drooling, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing.

Foxglove Plant Poisonous For Pets


Fox Glove is a beautiful plant, but it is extremely toxic to dogs as well as humans. If ingested, This planet can cause an array of problems in your dog, including a rhythmic heart, palpitations, weakness, and even collapse.

Chrysanthemum Plant Poisonous For Dogs


Chrysanthemum or more popularly known as the mum. These flowers are very popular as an outdoor plant, and the cuttings are quite frequently found in flower arrangements, but be aware because ingestion of these flowers can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Plant poisonous for dogs - Peach Tree
Peach Tree Poisonous For Dogs


Like many other fruit trees. These plans, stems and seeds can contains cyanide, which won’t end well for your dog. Symptoms can include difficulty breathing, heavy panting, and shock.

Plant poisonous for dogs - elephant ear plant
Elephant Ear Plant Poisonous For Dogs


Elephant ear plants are extremely popular outside as well as inside with their big, beautiful tropical look. It’s no wonder that this plant is so popular, however, it can cause your dog’s tongue to swell, excessive drooling and vomiting.

So keep your dog safe and healthy away them from these outdoor plants what’s in your yard. There are tons of non toxic plants for dogs. Lets discuss about non poisonous house plants in future post.

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Common House Plants Toxic To Cats

There are tons of plants safe for cats. In addition to them some of garden plants and garden flowers are poisonous for cats. Because cats are very sensitive. We hope to discuss about cat friendly plants on later post.

Plant poisonous for cats - lilies
Lilies Plant Poisonous For Cats


Lilies are extremely popular house plants and a lot of people keep them without realizing they can cause kidney failure in your cat. Your cat consumes any lilies and it isn’t caught quickly, can actually kill them, and even less than 24 hours.

larkspur flower-poisonous-cats
Larkspur flower Poisonous For Cats


There are several different varieties of this plant and they tend to become less toxic as they mature. However, if consumed this plant can cause excessive drooling and even cardiac arrest in your cap.

Plant poisonous for cats - sago palm
Sago palm Plant Poisonous For Cats


Palm Sago, palms that are extremely popular, especially where I live over on the west coast. It seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing one, but these trees are extremely deadly to cats and dogs for that matter, especially if they were to ingest the seeds if adjusted. It can cause tar, like stool vomiting, liver failure, and even death.

Flower poisonous for cats - daffodil
Daffodil flower Poisonous For Cats


These bright beautiful plants are very popular in springtime, but they are not a good choice around your cat if a cat justice and can actually lead them to convulse along with vomiting and diarrhea, not a good choice.

Plant poisonous for cats- dumb cane
Dumb Cane Plant Poisonous For Cats


This is an extremely popular indoor plan due to the fact that it can grow with very, very little to no sunlight. It actually got its nickname because of the symptoms that it causes, if ingested swelling of the tongue to the point sometimes where it actually blocks the airways. If it’s ingested in large amounts, it can be extremely fatal to your pet and even to humans as well.

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So there you have a common household plants, so you should definitely keep away from your pets. There are some plants are toxic to cats and some that are toxic to dogs. Most of them they are toxic to both they might have different effect on on a dog or a cat.

Keep that in mind when you decide to buy a pet they have a completely different internal ecosystem than we do. They need their environment to be pet friendly that include plant food and other things which are safe for humans but not for your little friends.

To be aware and be informed if your cat or dog eats something toxic vomit one time. Its you know probably okay. If they are repeated and the animal is really showing signs of discomfort then he is in trouble.

Dog Poisoning Or Cat Poisoning

If your pet has ingested a toxic plants, Contact your local veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (888-426-4435). Tell them the name of the plant. If you don’t know them name of plant you can email the picture of the plant. Hopefully they can able to help you.

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