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Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella – Relaxing Beach Day Without Any Interruptions!

By Published On: February 3, 2024

Are you planning a beach trip this weekend? After having long weekdays, enjoying a beach day is the ideal reward you can give yourself. Beach day is one thing you can easily do to enjoy a holiday by reading short story books etc. Check your Packing List, Grab Backpacks with sunscreens, sunglasses, and beach towels. Pack a cooler, Pack a Kayak or Jet Body Boards, and grab a beach umbrella to get started. A beach umbrella is the most important thing on your list, as the sun is constantly bathing the beach with its powerful UV light. Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella is the best and most lightweight umbrella you can carry to enjoy an undisturbed beach day.

There Are Many Beach Umbrellas, But None Can Compete With the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella.

Your top objective in going to the beach is to rest from all the troubles during your workdays. But that day also could become stressful if you carry heavy items to enjoy the day. But a beach umbrella is always heavy, and it is a must.

What can you do?

The time for carrying heavy beach umbrellas is over. Now you have the best option right at your fingertips. Tommy Bahama 8-ft beach umbrella is popular for being lightweight and has many qualities no other beach umbrella can give you.

Going to the beach makes for a fun-filled day, and having a beach umbrella in your possession will make it even better. However, other must-have items will make your beach trip more fun, such as sunscreens and beach towels. All these items sound heavier and bulkier than they are in reality.

Why Must You Bring a Beach Umbrella to the Beach?

Beach umbrellas are made with qualities that make them simpler to travel and carry. However, no handbook is needed to help you through the challenging process of setting up a beach umbrella. The shade they require during sunny and windy days is simpler to set up by anyone.

Where can I get this Tommy Bahamas beach umbrella? Visit below link to buy the umbrella right away to finally enjoy a relaxing beach day with the best beach umbrella next to you.

tommy bahama umbrella costco

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella – Blue

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella 2020

These beach umbrellas will shield you from the sun’s rays on sunny days, enhancing the comfort of your beach visit. When the wind picks up strength, though, the situation changes. Only beach umbrellas with the proper features will remain in place once this happens. The wind will move the beach umbrella if it is not equipped with wind-resistant characteristics. This is why you may see people chasing after their flying umbrellas on windy days. Of course, no one wants to find himself in that predicament, but what good is a wish without action? Nothing! You must invest in a beach umbrella explicitly made to endure heavy winds.

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella is Not One More Beach Umbrella.

There are many problems we have to face before we lie down peacefully and enjoy the beach without any disturbance. You have to do a lot, from bringing your things to the beach, setting your beach umbrella on your perfect spot, and keeping it unchanged until you leave. But do you know what can help you in all these situations? A Tommy Bahama beach umbrella. That’s right. Here are some scenarios you have to face before and during your perfect beach day and how the Tommy Bahama beach umbrella helps ease your workload.

costco tommy bahama umbrella

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella 2020 Stripes

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

You want to relax, but your umbrella is too heavy?

Most beach umbrellas nowadays are too heavy. Remember you must carry your sunscreens, beach towels, and other things. So prioritizing only your beach bag will only make you annoyed. And that’s the last thing you wanted when you came to enjoy a relaxing time at the beach. But you need to leave the beach umbrella, right? What can you do?

Features of Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

As we mentioned in the beginning, the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella is the most lightweight in the market now. You can put it in a bag with a shoulder strap and carry it to and from the sand. It only weighs 4.88 lbs, and it is 8 feet tall. And the material it is made of is a polyester canopy and aluminum pole with fiberglass ribs. So no more weight lifting on your relaxing day.

Takes forever to set up your umbrella?

Remember when you spent most of the time setting up your beach umbrella under harsh sunlight? It is over now.

Tommy Bahama beach umbrella is among the beach umbrellas you can easily set up. The umbrella has sand-treading handles. You may easily pierce the sand with the corkscrew end. The more quickly your work is done, the more comfortably you can lie down and enjoy the beach.

tommy bahama costco

Tommy Bahama 6′ UPF 50+ Tilt Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama 6′ UPF 50+ Tilt Beach Umbrella with Wind Vent

Sun, where are you going?

What is the most annoying thing the sun can do to you when you are at the beach?

It is moving without keeping still in the same position. Usually, when that happens, you have to get up from your comfortable beach chair and pull the umbrella and set it up again.

But that time is over with Tommy Bahama beach umbrella. With its latest features, you no longer have to stand up from your beach chair. You can change the covering as the sun changes without pulling it up from the sand and starting over, thanks to a tipping/angling feature.

No more harmful UV rays!

Sun surrounding the beach with light is as fun as a perfect beach should always be. But when harmful UV rays get in touch with your body, you will have a serious issue. Worrying about harmful UV rays coming out if the sun under a beach umbrella is in the past. The Tommy Bahama beach umbrella’s unique metal undercoating protects you from damaging sun rays.

tommy bahama chairs costco

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella 2019 (Blue)

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella 2019 (Blue)

Is the Wind Trying to Mess With Your Umbrella?

When you are at the beach, it’s always windy. And you need a beach umbrella that does not change its position or fly away with heavy wind. And positioning your beach umbrella on the sand is a challenging task. But you can get away with all that using a Tommy Bahama beach umbrella. They simplify drilling into the sand thanks to their integrated, strong auger handles. They’re kept in place quite well by this. Tommy Bahama beach umbrella perfectly stands out in these situations. If durability is what you are seeking, the Tommy Bahama 8-ft beach umbrella is the perfect option.

Why Are You Trying Hard to Pack and Unpack Your Umbrella?

The Tommy Bahama 8-ft beach umbrella comes with a carrying case. This container aids in firmly anchoring the umbrella. The finest feature is how well it fits in your pocket. You can easily open and unload or load your beach umbrella without any trouble.

costco tommy bahama

Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor 7 feet Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor 7 feet Beach Umbrella with Tilt and Telescoping Pole (Red Stripe)

Grab you beach Tommy Bahama beach umbrella right now!

Now you can understand how the Tommy Bahama 8-ft beach umbrella helps you go through a relaxing beach day without any disturbance with its unique qualities.

So, what are you waiting for?

Purchasing an 8-ft beach umbrella from Tommy Bahama will never make you regret it.

It has a fiberglass frame, just like other Tommy models. The substance is solid and long-lasting.

The umbrella pole’s expanded ribs aid in maintaining the umbrella’s position. In addition, the umbrella’s fiberglass construction offers excellent water resistance. Therefore, you may still use this umbrella even when it rains outdoors. The beach umbrella is around 8 feet tall. This implies that the umbrella’s height will be perfect for you. The canopy’s size is excellent for fitting most people under it.

costco tommy bahama chair


With so many variations available, choosing the most suitable and helpful beach umbrella for you can be challenging. You might be taken aback by some beautiful designs, but they are less worthier when we consider the features.

So, what is the all-rounder beach umbrella that is affordable, fashionable, and worthy above all? It is a Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

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