games to play in the car

Fun Games to Play in the Car

By Published On: February 3, 2024

Things To Do On a Long Car Ride

What are the best fun games to play in the car that you can play while on a road trip? Today we’re gonna to talk about games to play on a road trip. Most of these not require a board, cards or anything these aren’t all just straight-up you drive and you talk. Most of people hate just sitting in a car and just looking out the window, it’s boring. We’ve discovered some childhood stories and best road trip games to play in the car with kids, spouse and with your friends whoever just to help pass the time. Here is seven games for long car rides.

What are Fun Games to Play in the Car

Game 1 – Picnic Memory Game

It is something you say after I’m going to a picnic with… It can be an object or animal or anything, like your pet. Start like this

  • First – I’m going on a picnic with my Laptop
  • First Person – I’m going on a picnic with my dog and Laptop
  • Second Person – I’m going on a picnic with my Cat, Dog and Laptop
  • Again First Person – I’m going on a picnic with my Parrot, Cat, Dog and Laptop and so on…

Keep repeating this until someone forgets an object or the animal and looses.

Game Benefits : Boosts memory

Game 2 – Atlas Road Trip Game

fun games to play in the car - Atlas Road Trip Game

Atlas is a one of the best car ride games that we can play. We can speak any city state, any country or continent while driving. Just read below example of how to play.

  • First let say A-T-L-A-S Atlas. So start count five persons start from you. On whichever person S comes he has to speak a place with “S“
  • So next person will speak a place with “S” Switzerland. then count 11 persons
  • Switzerland’s last letter is “D” Dubai.
  • So now next person going to speak a place from “I” Iraq.
  • Continues until when you want to pause the game or you want a break.
  • You can create rule to limit game to speak only country or city.

Game Benefits : Learn new places.

Game 3 – License Plate Game

games for the car ride - License Plate Game

You just need a pen and a paper to play this fun car ride game. It has many variations using phrases like your name date of birth favorite color etc. You have to strike off alphabets or numbers from a selected phrase. by observing the license plates of cars around you. The person which strikes all the alphabets or numbers first wins the game.

Let’s play this game with your name.

As a example you and your friend names are Cristina and Richard. If first vehicle plate number you met is “ANRCHST” as below image. You can cut letters of your name if your name contains those letters.

Game Benefits : Improves observation skills.

Game 4 – Tongue Twister

So the next fun road trip game is “Tongue Twister”. First tell someone to a tongue twister and if she/he is unable to pronounce it thrice correctly you get a point. If you pronounce it correctly you get a point.

The first one is “She sell sea shells by the sea shore” thrice.

Second one is “Kitten is sitting in the kitchen eating chicken”. You have to say it 3 times

50 Tongue twister sentences

Game 5 – The Famous Person Game

fun car ride games - The Famous Person Game

This game is more about how much you know. So this will be better for an older age group. Because it involves to historical figures authors, characters , actors or all those people. How it works is you know the first person is gonna think of somebody. So if you think about Albert Einstein’s. So the next person that’s going will take the first letter of the last name so Albert Einstein it’s “E” and that will be the first letter of the first name. You can do this with different categories, according sports players or actor. You can just do all tons of variations and if someone fails to give famous person related to the category he will fail.

Game 6 – Car Color Game

We’re going to teach you about the car color games while driving. This one’s very very simple. This can be all age groups and you really can’t play with that many people because of the limited amount of colors. But you can play with five or six peoples. Each person is gonna pick three types of colors like blue red and white. So for the duration of the game you’re gonna be looking for the blue red and white cars and every time you see one you know you get a point.

There’s different variations you can do this game. You can do different manufacturers like Ford, Chevrolet whatever you can also do like.

fun games for in the car

Family Road Trip Games – Fun Games To Play In The Car

Game 7 – Personal Trivia Game

Games while driving – Last family road trip game that we are gonna share with you family travel game is “Personal Trivia Game”. If you are parent go through each boy or girl ask a personal question that they should probably know about your family. Someone get it right they get a point. If they don’t get it right no points. A first children first get ten points wins.

Sample questions you can ask while driving : When is your brother’s birthday?

Name of the hospital you were born in?

So those are the games to play in the car while fun road trips that i had for you. If you guys have any other games let me know down in the comments below. I’m always looking for great games that we can play with our kids while we’re on road trips or outdoor to keep them occupied. If you guy have any other car trip games to do on a long car ride we can share as a community down there.

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