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Best Modular Kayak – Read Guide Before purchase!


Modular kayaks are highly in demand among aquatic enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. People have been developing a keen interest in them in recent years. As a result of the ever-increasing demand, many companies have come up with various colors, types, designs, and specifications of kayaks. Modular kayaks are a fantastic solution to all sorts of water activities or fishing. But when selecting a modular kayak, you should have a clear idea of what you want in terms of the color, design, length, and specifications. Here are some of the most famous, best-functioning modular kayaks in the market today.

coolest feature of these modular kayaks
Best portable modular kayak – Point 65

Modular kayaks are extremely handy tools for water activities. To use one, you do not need expert knowledge in kayaking or paddling. You can quickly learn how to use a kayak with a little bit of time. It is fantastic for water sports, fishing, and even touring around lakes. Many industries use kayaks to transport people via water bodies. A kayak that can be dissembled and assembled in less than a minute is a modular kayak that has taken the spotlight in the hall of fame.

What exactly is a modular kayak? Best modular fishing kayak

Transform kayak single person kayak to more
Transform kayak single to double, Double to triple

modular kayak is a kayak that is able to detach into parts and assemble them back in seconds. You can add an extra midsection and go from solo to tandem. People use modular kayaks for recreational activities. Modular kayaks are great for fishing, touring, and rafting. There are different types of modular kayaks, such as solo, tandem, sit-in, and sit-on versions. These types are ideal for fishing, water sports, and weekend trips. A portable kayak is an excellent choice for all these water activities. The most popular modular kayaks are the point 65 kayak type.

Point 65 Kayak Review

Point 65 kayakMartini modular kayak

Point 65 Martini modular kayak
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Point 65 Martini GTX is one of the most famous multipurpose kayaks in the market. this is one of the best modular fishing kayak. Even if you are juvenile in kayaking, this is the best choice available for you. It is fantastic for a fishing ride with your family and water sports. It is one of the most spacious kayaks that can accommodate supplies and sufficient gear. The adjustable air seat and the adjustable backrest provides extremely great comfort. It is an excellent modular fishing kayak that is stable enough, even for a novice individual.

Point 65 Martini GTX Tandem Yellow/ Orange from POINT 60N is one of the best kayak brands that offer a lot of comfort and flexibility. It has a Swedish design and engineering with tandem configuration. The configuration goes with a front section paired with a midsection and a back section. It is a modular kayak that splits into parts. Therefore, it makes an excellent portable kayak to take around easily.

Modular sit in kayaks

Point 65 Martini Red Kayak from 3-Point Products is a high-performing kayak that is ideal for day-touring. You can snap pieces apart and easily assemble them together. Entry and exit are easy with the large, comfortable cockpit. It has an ergonomically designed backrest and foot braces. If you want to know how to choose a kayak, choosing this modular kayak is your best option.

Point 65 Tequila modular sit-on kayak – Best modular fishing kayak

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Point 65 is among the leading brands when it comes to modular kayaks. This is perfect for beginners and regular users. You can use point 65 Tequila on various water bodies such as rivers, streams, lakes, and open waters. You can use it for recreational activities such as fishing.

Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Tandem Angler Modular Kayak has a Swedish design and engineering. It has a tandem configuration with mid and back sections. It is a modular kayak that is easy to split up—the same kayak in solo configuration with a paired rear section.

Point 65 Kayak – Mercury GTX Tandem

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It has a Tandem configuration with paired mid and back sections. Another important fact that we need to emphasize here is that it has a Swedish design and engineering. Of course, it is ideal for family, weekend fishing trips, and touring. It is a high-performance modular kayak that is easy to carry because you can split it apart.

Point 65 Sweden Apollo Kayak

It is a modern take-apart modular kayak that is fun and versatile to handle. Moreover, it is one of the most manageable kayaks in the market. Also, it has solo, tandem, and other configurations that fit your requirements perfectly. Furthermore, if you take off the mid-section, it becomes an excellent high-performance, solo kayak. Likewise, you can keep adding mid-sections to create a team-building kayak for fantastic water sports and paddling.

modular sit-in kayaks
Performance meets portability – Point 65 modular kayaks

When it comes to comfort, The Apollo features a comfortable seat and contoured foot braces. The foldable and flexible backrest offers excellent back support. You can add a second mid-section and create extra space between two paddlers. Moreover, you can easily fit the Sweden Apollo into the back of a small sedan. You can store them under the bed or even in a closet. A modular kayak has never been this easy to store.

Snap Kayak – Solo kayak – Modular fishing kayak

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Snap kayak is a solo kayak where only a solo paddler can go on various water activities. This unique patent-paddling modular kayak is a fantastic recreational activity tool that you can disassemble and assemble really quickly. When dissembled, it is quite small in size, and you do not need additional storage space to keep it. It is also very convenient to transport as it can fit into the back of a small car.

Things to check before purchasing a modular kayak

A Modular kayak’s hull is a vital part when purchasing a kayak. It decides the vessel’s performance and durability to a great extent.

Another essential aspect to look at is the length of the kayak. The length depends on the convenience of the paddler. Short modular kayaks are easy to handle and transport. However, you have to look for something that serves your purpose and helps you store it easily.

Capacity is another essential factor to look at. You should know how many people are going to use it. There are modular kayaks that can hold different amounts of people. Some kayaks can add mid-sections and increase capacity.

solo modular kayak
Performance touring modular kayak

The size of the cockpit depends on the size and height of the paddler. Larger, spacious cockpits are suitable for taller paddlers. But if you are new to kayaking, choosing a larger cockpit could be dangerous.

You also have to look at the kayak’s material as it determines the durability of the kayak. The material also decides how it is going to react to different weather conditions.

Final thoughts: You can use a modular kayak for your recreational water activities

If you are a water enthusiast, a modular kayak is going to take you places. It is one of the best paddling tools you can have to explore the amazing water activities such as fishing, touring, and other water sports. It offers a big deal of comfort and flexibility compared to regular kayaks. The best part of modular kayaks is its ability to store them even in small spaces.

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