how much do pop up trailers weigh

How Much Does a Pop Up Camper Weigh – Your Ultimate Guide 2024!

By Published On: January 31, 2024

While there are many pop-up camper types and styles, one of the critical aspects is to know the how much does a pop up camper weigh. It lets you know whether your vehicle can tow it or you need another vehicle for it. However, everything depends on what kind of pop-up camper you are looking for. There are small pop-up campers that weigh only about 600 pounds while the big ones weigh up to 4,500 pounds. The average camper’s weight is around 2,000 pounds.

Pop-up campers are great if you are someone who enjoys outdoors and camping a lot and does not have the way to travel or tow it. Compared to traditional travel trailers, pop-up campers are more convenient. Since they are collapsible, you can easily take them around without causing harm to your vehicle.

Pop-up camper weight and its advantages.

Without a second guess, pop-up campers are an excellent way to go camping. Also pop-up is the very best way to go camping if you are interested and plan on doing pregnant camping. Because of its comfortability othe than tent camping, you can take a pop-up camper almost anywhere and stay comfortable other than tent camping. You can easily tow a pop-up camper because of its storability and collapsible. While that being said, setting up and taking down of a pop-up camper is also painless.

Another crucial benefit of getting a pop-up camper is, they are affordable. They are much lighter than the other travel trailers. Since it is a low profile, wind resistance is not that big of a problem. So most people choose pop up camper for beach camping. Pack your light weight bech umbrella and other stuffs using beach camping checklist app then go camping.

Can Your Vehicle Tow Your Pop-Up Camper?

Towing a pop-up camper depends on its weight. How much do pop up trailers weigh? An average pop-up camper is about 2,000 pounds without any liquid, cargo, or passengers. Most pop-up campers can be towed by a minivan or an SUV easily with other stuff like kayaks , jet body boards. Nonetheless, it is better to know if your vehicle can actually tow your camper before you hit the road. Once you know your vehicle’s towing capacity, you can understand whether your vehicle can tow your camper or not. You can find the towing capacity from the user manual.

how much do pop up campers weigh

Things To Know Before Towing A Pop-up Camper In Your Vehicle

How much does a pop up camper weigh?

When you go purchasing a pop-up camper, it is vital that you know how much everything weighs. In order to tow your pop-up camper safely, you should understand what each weight listing denotes. It helps you identify what suits your pop-up camper and the vehicle.

UVW – UVW is Unloaded Vehicle Weight. When the pop-up camper reaches the manufacturer with a full tank of fuel, it is what you call UVW. Basically, it is the lightest your pop-up camper is going to be before you load it with your gear and other necessities.

CCC – CCC is Cargo Carrying Capacity. This denotes the amount of gear, water, and other items your camper can carry. If you start off at the UVW where only the full tank comes to count, it is best to weigh all the items you are going to pack in it. You will be marveled at how fast things can add up, and before you know, you would be exceeding the CCC. Hence, start weighing the necessities and go on from there

GAWR – GAWR means Gross Axle Weight Rating. This indicates the maximum weight a trailer’s axle can support. This includes water, gear, and the camper’s body frame. If you exceed this ratio, the trailer may fail under the load.

GVWR – GVWR is Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio. This denotes the weight your vehicle can carry, including the hitch and the vehicle carrying capacity. Vehicle carrying capacity calculates the passengers, pets, and gear packed in the vehicle as well.

How much does a pop up camper weigh – Popular pop up

Small pop-up campers – These mini pop-ups usually weigh around 600 pounds. These small pop-ups have canvas walls and very limited storage. They are fantastic for weekend camping. Most of the small pop-up campers that weigh around 600 pounds provide a sleeping area for two and a basic kitchen with portable camping fridge. Even in small pop-ups, you have fancier versions where you can get a bathroom, outdoor kitchen, and a better kitchen.

pop up trailer weight

Medium pop-up campers – The most popular size of pop-up campers is the medium-sized one. In the RV world, medium pop-up campers are the most affordable ones. Even in medium pop-ups, you can bring additional camping stufs like portable camping air conditioner or camping heaters. you have It weighs about 1,000 pounds and is ideal for going camping by the side of a lake.

Large pop-up campers – These pop-up camper weights start from 2,000 pounds. You can tow large pop-up campers with an SUV, Truck, or even a minivan.

Importance Of Trailer Brakes When Towing A Pop-up Camper

Trailer brakes are utterly vital as it gives you better control over the stopping power. With trailer brakes, when you stop the vehicle you are towing in, using trailer brakes, the pop-up camper’s brakes automatically activate.

Tips To Know Before Towing A Pop-up Camper

First off, you need a vehicle that has the capacity to tow a pop-up camper.

  • Then comes the cargo weight. It should be in front of the camper.
  • Try to load as less gear as possible when towing.
  • You have to get used to going at a slow pace.
  • Make sure you park carefully.
  • Use the turn signals often when towing a camper.

Final thoughts:

How much does a pop up camper weigh – what determines it all!

When it comes to pop-up campers, safety is top prioriy. you should follow all safety tips. the most vital aspect of towing them safely is looking into their weight. It determines whether you are going to do a successful job in towing it or not. Therefore, pay attention to your pop-up camper weight and measure the rest of the factors before towing it.

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