Winter Hammock Camping - The Complete Guide

Winter Hammock Camping - The Complete Guide

Hammock Camping Tips

Today we are going to explain to you about setting up your winter hammock camping. I think this winter season is a perfect time to get out your hammock camping gear and see what it’s going to be like to get it set up. I think it’ll be a viable option now.

Winter Camping Setup

winter hammock camping gear
Winter hammock camping Image via [flickr by Michael Meiser] (copyright-free)

Outdoor experts take it very seriously when they set up their outdoor gear to practice in the home garden first. The next major thing you want to do is get out to your destination on a trip where you’re relying on your camping gear to keep you safe.

Winter Hammock Camping Setup

Hammock camping gear might be working nice in the daytime. Still, the night temperatures always drop off. It becomes challenging to work, not only sleeping and being comfortable in that regard but setting up your gear and getting ready winter hammock camping.

Cold Weather Camping Tips

It’s essential to keep in mind that your ability of winter season is going to be limited. Your inability to effectively use your fingers when your hands are freezing. Maybe you’re wearing gloves or something like that. So practicing in the outdoor environment in the exact type of situation where you’re going to be using your kit is helpful.

winter hammock underquilt
Winter Hammock

Building a Winter Hammock Kit – Our Gear Selection

Some products are going to be very integral to our setup. In this particular case, we are using a bunch of equipment from 2GoSystems. The reason why we use 2GoSystems gears because we have a trustworthy experience with them. 2GoSystems are coming out with several multi-purpose and multi-use products.

V3 Trifecta – Thermal Blanket Canopy

Here we have a V3 trifecta. There is more than one size; this is the XL; there is a standard size. There is a brand new trifecta coming out with different materials.
2GoSystems experiments with proprietary materials, coatings on the inside of 4 season hammock tarp, and cold weather tarp shelter systems to give you reflective properties.

You can use this trifecta excel as the outside shell of your cold-weather tarp shelter to keep you dry, so use it mostly as a tarp. Unzip this and get it completely straightened out and use it up over the top as a canopy.

4 season hammock
Winter hammock camping gear

The material of trifecta is olefin, which is a Tyvek material. So it doesn’t have the same tensile strength as nylon or a poly so tarp.
You need to be careful about tension, should not overdo it. But at least overall coverage of your winter hammock.

Increase the overall length of coverage, which is incredible for a wintertime shelter or something where you’re going to have adverse conditions.

Ultralight Backpacking Cold Weather

I have opted to go with the sea two summits ultralight hammock. There is more than one size. When you look real close at this, it is a ridiculously fine almost mesh. It’s like light a ripstop.

You may be saying well isn’t this wintertime or a deep fall, isn’t it going to be cold well bottom line is for me the way I look at it is?

4 Season Hammock for Winter

The hammock itself is not going to do all too much in the form of giving you protection. It is going to cut down on wind a little bit.
However, I am relying on my 2GoSystems products both to cut down on the wind and provide warmth and hammock insulation.

winter hammock camping
Winter hammock camping Image via [flickr by Michael Meiser] (copyright-free)

So the hammock is just a thing to lay in. It’s the rest of the system that’s going to provide with your shelter properties both the ability to keep dry but also stays warm and comfortable.

This thing is super tiny. It is small the size of a baseball, and it is ridiculously light at like four and a half ounces. This thing is an insanely best lightweight hammock.

It allows gives you to carry more gear with warmth and with an actual camping thermal pad. You can make lose some weight and lose some bulk with the hammock to gain the overall properties that you get from some of the other winter hammock camping gear.

Set Up Sleeping Quilt for Winter

The next key component is under quilt set up. We use 2GoSystems therm for it. It is consists of two parts the therm and the shift’ quilt.

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This therm can use several different ways

  • It can be an under a quilt
  • Sleeping bag
  • An over quilt
  • A pod system is most useful for most of the campers.

First, put your therm on the winter camping hammock, basically creating a pod system. It was quite easy to do so because this is essentially a quilt you unzip the top you lay it over you zips it back together. 

You should take some other camping gear to help the supplement in case it’s an icy situation. Chances are, to be honest with you.
I probably would bring the supplemental gear with me to be safe, especially on one of those cold and sort of stormy nights sometimes you get stuck out there.

2GO SYSTEMS Hammock Top Quilt

Hammocks In the Fall

We have the 2Go Systems hybrid winter under the quilt. Another beautiful offering from 2 Go Systems. We very much like this, and at this point, we trust it. The hybrid quilt is the best solution at this point, whether it’s summertime or the middle of the fall or something like that.

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We use this pretty much as an open kind of quilt versus a sleeping bag. You can use this as an under a quilt, a top quilt, a sleeping bag, or a cocoon hammock sleeping bag. 

The hybrid quilt has some additional excellent lightweight down with me in an icy situation is a bonus. 

If you want to cut down on the wind, a little bit more, we have standard size trifecta V3. You could use this underneath your hammock to create a wind block.

hammock tent camping
How to hammock camp

We primarily use trifecta as a cocoon system on the outside of the actual under the best top quilt for hammock to block some more wind. It helps maintain your overall body heat provides a little extra sort of thermal barrier for winter hammock camping.

Tarp Camping in Winter

Then we would take our actual top tarp to bring it nicely down low and kind of wrap everything up, and in that regard, I think this would work pretty well.

More Tips…

Beyond all that, we enjoy a sleeping bag in this hammock. It does a couple of things. It gives you some pockets where the down or insulation in your sleeping bag actually can be more helpful more productive by not being squashed down against your back and the hammock beneath.
The other thing it does helps to spread out the hammock material. We typically use a pad with a pillow, so that gives us something from your head. But beyond that, we also have a couple of extra pillows with us for a couple of reasons.
I like to put them beneath my knees. It gives you a better night’s sleep helps you kind of cradle my knees a little bit. So I don’t end up with gaps beneath them and just a little bit of awkwardness.