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Best RV Battery for Boondocking – All You Should Know at a Glance!

By Published On: January 31, 2024

Boondocking once in a while is every camper’s dream! When you want to go boondocking in your camper, there are many things you have to consider before doing so. There are various kinds of RV batteries for boondocking. But the scenario differs from one to another. How to know the best RV battery for boondocking in your camper is utterly vital. For those who want to camp out in nature, there is nothing like dry camping. For that, selecting the right RV battery is a huge priority. With so many battery types in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right RV battery.

But if you know what aspects to consider, you can select the right RV battery for your camper. Below we describe another great outdoor tip about RV Boondocking.

What to search for when buying the best RV Battery for Boondocking?

Boondocking is dry camping where there is no connection to water, electricity, sewer, or cable. Some people call it free camping. When you go off the grid, you need a battery that you can rely on. Here are some of the main things to consider when getting an Best RV battery for boondocking. You need to follow security steps to replace the battery such as wear proper gloves when touch heat surface.

best rv battery

Keep your attention about Voltage best RV battery for boondocking

The best RV battery for dry camping comes in many voltages. Lithium 12V 100Ah is the best Deep Cycle Battery for RV and something that you can rely on. But 6V batteries last even longer than 12V. Campers like both kinds of batteries because their performance is excellent and they are relatively cheap. 12V RV batteries are even less expensive than 6V batteries. Therefore, campers choose between 6V and 12V depending on their requirements speacialy if you are use camping fridge or camping air conditioners.

Consider about battery Capacity when select Best RV battery for dry camping

The best way to calculate the capacity is by looking at the voltage of the battery. A standard 12V RV battery has 220 amp-hour capacity. Usually, the best RV house battery power is measured by a reserve capacity of amp-hours.

Cranking Amps

No matter what kind of battery you purchase, the life expectancy of an RV battery depends on you and your usage. An RV starting battery rates itself in cold-cranking amps. But you cannot use these kinds of batteries for deep cycle applications.

Depth of Discharge & Discharge Cycles

Authentic deep cycle batteries have thick plates. You can repeatedly discharge and recharge them. A battery cycle is when a 100% charged battery goes to 50% and recharges back to 100%. If you discharge a battery at 50% daily, it will perform as twice as long.

Another important thing is Temperature

One of the most crucial parts of an RV power system is the RV battery. There are many factors that determine whether an RV battery would freeze or not. They are the charge of the battery (percentage), the length of the time in which the temperature drops, and the amount of insulation in and around the battery.


As you search for the best off-the-beaten-path camping location, RV boondocking mostly means rocky terrain. Since there are many challenges on the path, you should select a best rv battery for boondocking that is spill-proof. It is also essential to find a battery that has a durable casing.

Price of battery

Prices of RV batteries range vastly according to their capacities and brands. However, if you want to purchase the best deep cycle battery for camping, it would cost you between $180 and $999 approximately.

rv battery for dry camping reviews

What are the different kinds of RV batteries for boondocking?

When it comes to RV boondocking or dry camping, there are various types of RV batteries that you can choose from. However, the battery you select decides whether your camping journey is enjoyable or not. When it comes to dry camping or free camping, you should always have a battery that you can trust. Here are some of the excellent RV batteries for dry camping.

RV battery for dry camping reviews

Flooded Lead – Acid Batteries

You can mount these batteries in almost any position, and they are one of the best kinds on the market. The best features of flooded lead-acid batteries are they are spill-free, leak-proof, very durable, have a flooded technology, and have a long battery life

AGM Lead-Acid Batteries

There are many types of AGM Lead-Acid batteries that have different voltages. However, the AGMRV battery is one of the best choices for dry camping. They are leak-free, can be mounted at any position, are maintenance-free, durable, can use with wind power, and can use with the solar energy system.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Out of all the battery types, Lithium-Ion batteries are the best rv battery for boondocking. If you can afford one, they can hold up boondocking reliably. Since there are cheaper batteries, people tend to pass lithium-ion batteries, even though they perform well. However, the best RV battery for dry camping is still a lithium-ion battery over other types.

Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are also a good choice for RV boondocking. They make good deep-cycle batteries. It is one of the most known options for RV house batteries.

best 6v rv battery for boondocking

Here are some of the best RV batteries in the market for boondocking:

Final thoughts: Choosing the best RV battery boondocking is utterly vital.

Most campers try boondocking once in a way to enjoy free and wild camping. But there are precautions that come attached to boondocking. One of them is a reliable battery. Without a battery that you can trust, it is not possible to go boondocking in your camper. Therefore, one must research well and look into all the aspects such as voltage, temperature, discharge, etc. in order to find the best RV battery for dry camping.

best rv batteries for boondocking

RV power system is one of the best ways to get your camper on rocky terrain. That is why RV owners around the world are known for their adventures. One of the activities that have captivated everyone’s heart is boondocking. But you cannot run for long without electricity and water if you do not possess the best RV battery for boondocking. While keeping that in mind, it is best to purchase an RV battery that best suits your lifestyle and boondocking nature.

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