Where Can I Go Camping Near Chicago

Campgrounds Near Chicago

Welcome to Chicago. Parks and campgrounds for children and families to stay and play for a lifetime. We want you guys to do is just walk around ask questions you have any enjoy nature. I’m proud to say our goal is to get more kids and families back out of their houses and into the parks and campgrounds. Our mission is to get people active in the outdoors. Read more articles related to State Parks Camping. As most people says there are two biggest reasons for not going camping is

  • They think it’s far away and about their freightThey don’t know how wellness healthy lifestyles fun developmental activities you name it. When kids are outside and families are outside it’s better for their health. It’s better for the communities with the warm summer nights comes the time to relax with family. What better way to spend quality time than to camp together in a local park check out our website to see where we’re camping near you. Both the north face in the Chicago Park district are committing to getting people outdoors into nature and enjoying their parks. Whether you’re hiking you’re biking or you’re paddling either on the river on the lakefront we have something for everyone in the Chicago Park District.

Campgrounds Within 2 Hours of Chicago

1.Illinois Beach State Park – Camping near Chicago Illinois

Camping on Beach

If you’re looking for something to do you can go up to Illinois State Park in Zion Illinois. They have a number of hiking trails. If you are parking southernmost parking lot and start from there and the trail starts right at the tip of the parking lot. There are dunes everywhere. But they’re all pretty low it’s not like the dunes on the Michigan side of Lake Michigan. There’s a lot of sand. If you’ve kind of hiked back up from that southernmost tip about a quarter of the way up you do get to the point of the trail that is absolutely closest to Lake Michigan as possible. So cut across there you can head straight Easter a little paths trail there and it gets you up to the lake. Not a lot of people out there in terms of that real soft fluffy sand.

You cut back in the last part of the trail it does get a little more wooded the trail ends at the Illinois Beach Resort building. So it doesn’t take you right back to the southernmost parking lot. You actually have to walk up that driveway and back down that main road and then turn left and walk back into the parking lot it’s not very far it’s probably one city block. But it’s very easy to get to so that is it it’s about a 2.2 mile loop.

2.Indiana dunes State park- National parks in Indiana

Welcome to Indiana Dunes country. Indiana Dunes State Park which covers more than 2000 acres and is operated by the state of Indiana. The Indiana Dunes National Lake shore is located on both the east and west side of the state park. It’s operated by the federal government. Both parks have unique features that will keep you exploring for days with so much to see and do. You’re gonna want to spend more than one day in the dunes. It’s no wonder that we have nearly as many visitors as Yellowstone each year getting to the dunes is easy. We’re located on the southern tip of Lake Michigan just about an hour away from Chicago

Indiana dunes State park

When we refer to the dunes we’re talking about much more than sandy hills sure the Indiana beach is the main attraction. But the Indiana Dunes experience goes far beyond the Indiana beach. You could easily spend an entire day tight gate biking, fishing, paddling even birding in and among the dunes. The Indiana Dunes National Lake shore is a 13,000 acre preserve that stretches along 15 miles of the coast of Lake Michigan. It contains hiking trails more beaches and some pretty amazing historical sites. You can camping in Indiana both the state and national parks. They have designated camping sites. Forest canopy covers most of the Indiana Dunes and keeps the view of the sandy beaches hidden from the main roads. Indiana Dunes State Park have ample parking. But they can get crowded on summer weekends. So consider visiting early in the day or on weekdays.

3.Potato Creek State Park

The stuff that’s here in the history it’s phenomenal. But what else can people do here in the winter season. We have splays on long winter activities and that type of thing sure and a Nature Center is open during the winter months. Creek State Park and there is a chance you may be able to see bald eagles either because you have some bald eagles that are residing here.

Potato creek cabins

Most of people come for taking snow activities form we do have staff. But we do offer winter camping tips you want to win our potato creek cabins. Sure if you’re a hardy individual you camp itself absolutely well. Can we go take a look at one of the Potato creek cabins now. I mean some people can see what’s out here if they do want to do overnight camping sounds like a great thing.
Potato creek state park have 17 family cabins can sleep eight people to double bed two twins and four rollers. I noticed here you got the wood-burning stove. So you can burn out here you can really make this a cabin in the woods. I like the fact that you can actually walk out here and you’ve got a nice screened-in porch area. You don’t deal with mosquitoes or anything and you’re still sitting outdoors. There’s tons of other things here do too especially in the winter.

Camp Cabins

4.Warren Dunes State Park

Warren Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan. We just goes to show you we don’t just have sand dunes up north in Michigan. We’ve got huge dunes you can climb right here in Harbor Country. Which is another reason why we’re gonna get this back. It’s no wonder the others have been keeping this a secret from us. I mean who wouldn’t want a beautiful park like this. Warren dunes beach is gigantic the water is clear the sand is perfect. Climbing the 260 foot dune is a great way to work up a dinner appetite. That was spectacular. Don’t climb the whole thing

5.Van Buren State Park Michigan-Best camping in Michigan

This is a review on Van Buren State Park. One of the best state parks in the Michigan Park System located just south of South Haven and includes 220 modern campsites. The State Park South Haven is pretty typical of state parks in Michigan.

State park have public parking area from the campground. I don’t know half mile walk maybe. This Beach is a gorgeous sandy beach is some of the finest pain in the world and really on kept secrets of gorgeously. The beaches are in fact I’ve been to pump Bay and st. John Megan’s Bay st. Thomas and a bunch of other places around in the Caribbean.We’re actually on the western shore line of Michigan. Which is the eastern shore on the Lake Michigan. State Michigan itself is actually what of Michigan along this shoreline.

Some of these sand dunes who can get over 100 foot tall in future. I mean this place I’d say is about 30-50 miles long and about 80 miles wide. There’s actually some buoys out there that fishermen are not allowed to do any culture. Because they like to go in folks there’s a lot of Fisher there because of the water filter anyway other than that you know these are pretty much pristine beaches

This is one of many parks there’s probably 12 state parks along the shoreline there is one or two south of here before you get into the Indiana and there’s several north of here and probably every 15-20 miles there’s a state park to keep up anything .