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Jet bodyboard- Are you having fun learning water sports? Check out how bodyboards work!

The jet bodyboards are still a new concept for many of us. We hardly find any experience reports. With an electric bodyboard or a jet bodyboard, we can ride across the water surface with a motor. These bodyboards are smaller than electric surfboards. However, that does not tell us that we need less power. The smaller jet bodyboards have less volume and resilience.

Bodyboarding is more stress-free than surfing. First of all, we don’t need to stand up. It’s a good beginning for young learner surfers. However, advanced bodyboarding can furthermore be very hard. On the other hand, in general, bodyboarding is more relaxing than surfing.

There are a few key reasons:

  1. Bodyboards are stress-free to paddle than surfboards.
  2. Riding waves approach more naturally on a bodyboard.
  3. Bodyboarders can lie down to ride waves.

Now, let us learn more about jet bodyboards.

More details about jet bodyboards….

Kymera Avalon from KYMERA on Vimeo.

Why is the Electric bodyboard or the Electric water board so expensive?

We know that, with an electric bodyboard, we can ride across the water surface with a motor. Jet bodyboard manufacturers such as Kymera and Chinese manufacturers are famous nowadays. These electric bodyboards are smaller than electric surfboards. However, that doesn’t tell us that we need less power. The smaller Electric water board has less volume and buoyancy. This evidence depicts that we lie more in-depth in the water once the water resistance is very much higher. Therefore, electric bodyboards require even more energy to touch similar speeds.

Electric surfboards are expensive because of their performance. There are more powerful motors as well as larger batteries. Also, the design of the control units has more power. Significantly, more heat should be degenerated. These things reflect in their price.

jet body board
Jet Body Board

What is jet bodyboard? What features does it have?

So what is a Jet Body Board? It is an Electronic Surfboard that is popular in the United States. The jet board derives with a rechargeable battery and also can easily carry up to 200 pounds. They are pretty fast. Surfing on body boards is a thrilling and fantastic experience. These are much more inexpensive than other electric surfboards. It has an average speed of 20 miles. For 200 pounds, their average rate drops to 15 miles. It takes approximately 90 minutes or 1.5hr to get eventually charged. The battery persists for almost 3 to 5 hours, which is too much enough for a pleasurable surfing session. Their pricing is reasonable and is so simple to use.

Jet Body Boards derive in numerous colors and designs and are very striking. They are stress-free to carry because they function on a battery and are relatively inexpensive and more affordable.

Kymera Electric Body Boards

The Kymera jet bodyboard is the first one of its kind. It is an environmentally friendly board, and due to its small size, it can practically fit into any vehicle. Or else it can be portable by hand as it’s light. The design gets further advantages, such as the lesser cost and it weighs just 48 lbs. this bodyboard boasts an electric motor. A lithium polymer battery powers its motor. This board allows for up to 60 minutes of entertainment at speeds of around 30 mph.

Cheap electric bodyboard – In addition to kymera, most other Chinese products are scams!

Chinese manufacturer of electric body boards

Specifically, we can find too cheap offers on the Chinese platforms if we google “electric bodyboard.” At times the prices are lower than 500 USD. We don’t need to waste time on electronic Bodyboards like this since everybody should know that something is off beam with them. A lot of individuals have already ripped off with such products.

The electric jet boards frequently relinquish after a few rides. All Chinese manufacturers are not that bad. There are great companies such as the drone manufacturer DJI. Also, there are brand manufacturers with components made in China. The delinquent lies not just with the “cheap copies.”

jet body board reviews
Surf Board

Our Recommendation – Kymera Bodyboard

The Kymera bodyboard was one of the best electric bodyboards to be promoted on the internet.

The electric body surfboard must accelerate up to 32 km/h, according to Kymera. On the other hand, the speed hinges on the driving style and the surfer’s weight.

The Kymera Jet Body Board weighs 21 kg plus 11 kg for the battery. The range of the battery is 30 minutes. We can charge the lithium-ion battery so that we can double the capacity with two batteries. It will take nearly two hours to charge a battery. The Kymera Jet Body Board originates with a battery, a charger (110 & 220 V), a board bag in addition to a Pelikan case to carry the battery. Kymera delivers the Jet Body Board in 6 colors: Yellow, green, orange, red, white, and pink.

Jet bodyboard price

Each Kymera BODYBOARD includes:

  • 1 Bodyboard
  • 1 Standard Kymera Battery (1.6kwh)
  • One Battery Transport Case
  • 1 Standard Charger – 8 hour
  • One Padded Carrying Bag

1 Year Warranty


Regular price – 3,845.00 $

You can buy it from here directly Kymera

Lets look at some electric water boards – Electric surfboards

Jet Surf Board

Among many, water sports bodysurfing is one of the most exciting ones. The jet surfboards are mostly buoyant boards. They depend on a battery-powered engine. These engines allow them to move through even still waters. Lately, several well-known sports companies have manufactured electric, motorized surfboards with various features and at significantly altered price points.

Now, let us get to know some of the famous manufacturers of jet bodyboards and their product specifications.

Lift eFoi – Electric Body Board


  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Dimensions: 168 cm x 71 cm
  • Top speed: 40.2 km/h
  • Battery life span: 45 minutes
Body – made from good quality carbon fiber hydrofoilIt takes nearly two hours to get charged.
Derives with three modes from novice to expert levels
Lightweight and breaks into parts
It takes less time to learn, so suitable for beginners
Pros and Cons of Lift eFoi

Awake Ravik Electric Surfboard


  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Top speed: 56 Km/h
  • Battery life span: 40 minutes
  • Dimensions- 179 cm x 61 cm x 22 cm
Derives with a warranty of one yearExpensive
Carbon fiber body guarantees durability.
Battery life span: 40 minutes
Dimensions- 179 cm x 61 cm x 22 cm

Check price from their official website

SUP Jet Electric Stand-Up Paddle board


  • Weight: 21.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 323 cm x 81.3 cm
  • Top speed: 8km/h
  • Battery life span: 90 minutes.
Derives with a panel cover thus no propeller strikes on the boardExisting in just one color combination of white and blue
Great battery lifeRelatively low top speed
Originates with an ecologically friendly motor
Budget-friendly option
Pros and Cons SUP Jet Electric Stand

Jet Surf Sport


  • Weight: 18.5 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 180 cm x 60 cm
  • Top speed: 48 Km/h
  • Battery life span: 240 minutes
Footpads – made of memory foamExpensive model
Originates with a powerful 90cc engine
Battery life and the highest speed is excellent.
Obtainable in three color combinations
Pros and Cons Jet Surf Sport

Water blade Stingray


  • Dimensions: 170 cm x 147 cm
  • Top speed: 8 Km/h
  • Battery life span: 60 minutes


Expandable surfboard so easy to travel and storeWe need to buy the battery separately since it doesn’t come with the board
Price is reasonable
Easy to learn and use
Pros and cons of Water blade Stingray

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