RV Insurance : What's Right for You?

RV Insurance : What's Right for You?

Today we are going to explain insurance options on the RV. This question comes up on our Facebook group multiple times a week. One of the common misconceptions problems we see. a lot of people do is as far as insurance they don’t have the right insurance coverage on their camper.

Best RV Insurance For Full Timers

If you are a full-time RV camper, or living in a van there is a particular full-time policy. Its written a lot like a homeowner’s policy. It has medical payments on it. Special if you are camping while pregnant(For full time RV campers). It has extra liability coverage, contents coverage, much like a house.

If your agent tells you have coverage, if it’s not written on your policy that it is a full-time coverage, you do not have it. I’m going to put an example of what that goes below. I’m going to list those five companies below for you that will write an actual full-timers RV insurance policy.

These companies will do true full timer policies:

Weekend RV Living

If you’re a weekend camper and you need coverage a lot of times, you can add it to your auto policy. There are some people some auto policies that don’t do that a lot of times. The weekend coverage in the RV policy does not include contents. So keep that in mind, how it works is any time that camper is attached to your vehicle. You’re going down the road; the liability extends from the car to the camper. But it does not cover the camper itself unless you have the camper insured, and it does not cover the contents unless you specifically have that mention.

camper insurance
Weekend RV living

Older RV Insurance Guide

If you have an older RV, especially when you fixed up is a little sweeter, there are two kinds of coverage.

There’s one called stated coverage – which means hey “I’m going to say it’s worth 20,000 dollars okay” the problem was having a state of coverage is if you have you put some money into it and you think it’s worth $20,000.

But you wreck it, and they look at the make and model and even some proof they’re still going to depreciate that stated value, and they might not give you twenty thousand they might say no it’s only worth 14,000 dollars.

What Does RV Insurance Cover

When you want what’s called an agreed-upon value, which means you and the insurance company are agreeing that if you total this if it’s a total loss, this is the value that this camper is worth. Such insurance coverage will not depreciate. That’s just a flat-out value so you can say hey I’m going to agree that this is twenty thousand they typically want to see some pitchers bottle numbers and maybe an appraisal sometimes and they will do that.

RV Insurance For New Camper

Another important thing, especially if you’re buying a new camper, you always want to have either what’s called gap insurance or full replacement cost coverage insurance. It’s the same thing; it’s just two different names. The dealership will try to sell you gap insurance because it is insurance it will cover it. But it’s usually costly. Typically you can add that endorsement on to your progressive or for most or general national policy for 30 or 40 bucks a year instead of paying six to nine hundred dollars for it in the dealer and financing it in it’s much.

It’s much smarter to pay it in there because if you sell that camper in two years or three years, then you’re only paying for the years you have it.

travel trailer insurance
Travel Trailer Insurance

But make sure you have that on there it’s essential because when you buy that new camper a lot of times you drive it off the lot, it’s going to lose five-seven thousand dollars in value.

If you wreck it three weeks later, they’re not going to want to give you full value unless you have that endorsement on there, so make sure that’s important.

Do you need Insurance for a Travel Trailer???

When you are buying a travel trailer for rv, car or motorcycle camping, do you need additional insurance? Well, when you buy a travel trailer, something that you’re going to pull with your vehicle. The question comes up once you get past the initial idea to purchase something and commit to purchasing it. You have to look beyond that, meaning that what is the associated cost with buying an item.

So when you buy a travel trailer, you have to register the travel trailer. I asked myself well if I bought a travel trailer do I also need additional insurance other than just my regular car insurance.

Travel Trailer Insurance – Progressive Trailer Insurance

progressive trailer insurance
Progressive RV Insurance

Most of the people will say No do not need additional insurance to cover you with regards to liability. which means that if you get into a car accident and your travel trailer crushes a car. Your insurance company would cover the damage to the person’s car you got into an accident with if it was your fault..

The only thing your existing car policy will cover for the person’s car you damage. But they will not pay to replace your travel trailer unless you get additional supplemental insurance just for the RV.

They will not cover the cost to replace your travel trailer if it gets lost stolen or damaged in a wreck. So you need to call the car insurance company and verify all these things.