Best Heat Resistant Gloves & Campfire Gloves Review 2022


Outdoor cooking is an enjoyable activity. Yet, one has to deal with high heats and fires to prepare food. Especially outdoor activities like campfires need safety measures as it has to deal with hot surfaces and burning fires. Such situations lead us to search for safety measures like the best indoor heat resistant gloves and campfire gloves. This article provides you with a review of different brands of heat resistant gloves.

A pair of suitable heat-resisting gloves gives you full hand coverage to prevent cuts. It also resists high heat to avoid accidents from burns. There are specific criteria to determine a good pair of heat resistant gloves;  

  • The material
  • Degree of heat resistance
  • Flexibility in fitting into multiple sizes
  • Protection to the forearm
  • Easy washing ability
  • Reasonable price for the quality 
best heat resistant gloves
Campfire Gloves

The way of choosing the best heat resistant gloves for your need – campfire gloves

The grill gloves and campfire gloves resist the heat, hot metals, and flames. These gloves can protect you from sudden flares, accidents during the arrangement of coals, and possible cuts or scrapes.

Many manufacturers consider the material a vital part in producing these gloves. The materials used to manufacture heat resistant gloves for cooking are,

best gloves for grilling - campfire gloves
Best Heat Resistant Gloves

Treated leather

For years, Treated leather was the only option to produce grill gloves. These gloves contain two layers; the inner layer, which is a cotton lining to provide comfort. However, treated leather does not qualify as an excellent material for high temp gloves, as it fails to resist extreme temperatures. The user will feel the heat through the gloves when handling particularly hot cast iron outdoor cooking equipment. Moreover, shifting campfire cooking grate is hard too.


Silicone heat resistant gloves are better than leather gloves. They are flexible, versatile, cleanable with a firm grip. But they do not qualify enough for open fire cooking, and they are not the best gloves for grilling, due to hard nature.

Woven fabric

The best heat-resisting material to produce gloves is a woven fabric. There are three types of fiber used here: Kevlar, Aramid, and Nomex. They differ from each other by strength, the ability to withstand extraordinary temperatures, and flame resistance. The major drawback of woven fabric gloves is the lack of a waterproof nature. They may fail as best heat resistant gloves when cooking moist or juicy food.

Let us review some good heat resistant gloves in the market

Simdevanma Oven Gloves

best heat resistant gloves for campfire

The special cut-resistance and heat absorbance fiber make Simdevanma oven gloves one of the best grill gloves. It allows the user to reach the hot campfire cooking grates without any fear of cuts and burns. It absorbs the heat, but the user doesn’t feel it. The fitting is stiff at first, but it gets better with multiple usages. The gloves are useful when dealing with welding, wood stoves, and fire pits as well. The only drawback is the initial fitting, which is too big for small hands or too tight for bigger hands.

Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Campfire Gloves

high temp gloves

Grill Heat Aid gloves claim to be one of the best heat resistant gloves when considering its multifunctionality. These gloves resist wear and tear incredibly even if we expose them regularly to the flames. The Aramid synthetic fiber provides this quality to Grill Heat Aid campfire gloves. It has a wide range of sizes starting from extra small to medium and one size for large and extra-large hands. However, these gloves are less comfortable as they may cause sweaty palms and short cuffs.

Kitchenux Brand Inferno-IBG-L Gloves

best heat resistant grill gloves

Kitchenux is one of the famous heat resistance glove brands. These grill gloves come with a gun blazing. It claims a 100% fire-resistant, thus used in open fire cooking and as high temp gloves. It has a bamboo fiber lining, which keeps the hands cool, and it allows the skin to breathe while absorbing sweat during the handling of hot cooking equipmentKitchenux has four main seals as ComfortUX, DesignUX, SafeUX and ControlUX. The design has palm pads that allow better heat absorbance and distribution. It minimizes the damage to the palm. However, these palm pads may get uncomfortable with small hands. Kithenux will be more useful if the sleeves are a bit longer.

EvridWear 932°F Extreme Heat and Cut Resistant BBQ Gloves:

best gloves for grilling

These heat resistant gloves are so vivid. The user has many choices to choose from those colorful zebra stripes. The gloves also come with two sizes avoiding the discomfort of fitting into different sizes. EvridWear has EN388 certification, which proves it’s cut-resistant. The area that fits into palms and fingers of these campfire gloves has a silicone grip, which is beneficial when handling grilling tools and campfire cooking equipment. The EvridWear gloves qualify as excellent cooking gloves with CE and EN407 certifications. However, these gloves may feel a bit stiff around knuckles with the silicone lining.

The Bruella BBQ Campfire Gloves

Bruella BBQ gloves are very flexible, heat resilient, and allow maximum hand movements. They have a mixture of Aramid, Kevlar fiber with a silicone touch.

best grill gloves
Bruella The Original ‘Spider-web’ Heat Resistant Gloves

Bruella BBQ gloves will undoubtedly catch your eye with its attractive finish. These gloves provide protection avoiding any deep cuts from accidents that may occur while handling outdoor cooking equipment during an open fire cooking. They qualify as high heat resistant gloves due to the durability and protection against sharp gears. These silicone strips give an excellent grip. However, these campfire gloves will not fit for all hands, especially larger ones. 

LaTazas Extreme Heat Resistant Grill & Oven Mitts

heat resistant gloves for cooking
LaTazas Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Oven Mitts

These heat resistance gloves supply triple protection to the user. It is due to the unique material woven with Aramid, Kevlar, and Nomex fiber along with silicone lining. It provides comfort, protects from 932F° heat, and keeps you safe from cuts. The bright blue spider array of the design gives a refreshing feeling while dealing with campfires and handling hot tools. But these may cause distress of sweaty palms due to its thickness. 

TTLIFE BBQ, Grilling & Cooking Gloves

high temp gloves for campfire
TTLIFE BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves

Lefties may feel left-alone when it comes to gloves. However, TTLIFE grilling gloves for open fires, come with a reversible option for left-hand users. They resist intense temperatures as 932F°. These gloves also have the option of long and short sleeves. The outer layer of these gloves contains Kevlar and Nomex fiber. The inner lining is cotton, and the grips are silicone. But the size may not be the best fit for all.


If you have camping checklist app you can bring all essentials. Otherwise you may miss small items just like campfire gloves, mosquito sprays etc. Selecting the best heat resistant gloves for all your indoor and outdoor adventures is now an easy task. There is such a great variety of heat-resisting gloves in the market. However, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, when buying heat resistant gloves, you should be aware of all the purposes that product offers, the sleeve length, and the exact fitting size to make the perfect buy!

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