Living In a Van - Best Van To Live In

Living In a Van - Best Van To Live In

What is the best and cheap van to living or camping? Which one is going to be right one for you? Lot of people wants to living in a vans these days. So today we are going to give you some tips about cheap van life . If you’re interested in buying a van, camping in vans or converting a van into a home and living in it full time this article may helpful.

living in a van- living in a minivan
Campervan Holidays. Image via [] (copyright-free)

When you find a right van for living in or camping you should consider below points.

  • Price
  • Technical State
  • Parts availability
  • Size – Should able to stand up in it (More than 6 ft)
  • Low gas consumption

Living In a Minivans

As you well know mini camper vans are becoming a popular choice for travelers who want absolute freedom and cheap price. They come in a ton of different price ranges or you can converting a van to live in. There’s just a ton to choose from and it allows you to convert them yourselves if you want to save some money.

Converting a Van Into a Home

Best Van Conversion Companies

Outside Van is a conversion company based in Oregon in the United States. They converting a van into a home. They specialize primarily in Mercedes sprinters and for transits. Which is by far the most popular panel van choices of van lifers and adventurers. They can correct you something completely custom be it for working on the road or like majority of their customers.

Living In a Van – Best Vans To Convert

VW Westfalia

cheap rv living in a minivan
VW Westfalia . Image via [flickr by Shelby L. Bell] (copyright-free)

When you see Westfalia its just obvious that somebody’s camping in it. The other concerns are these vehicles are pretty expensive and if you get one that’s going to be reliable in general. People spend quite of a bit of money to maintain these either that or spend lot of time tinkering with them. It wasn’t worried about stealth RV camping. I hear that in the pacific north west you can get away with driving this because there’s so many around.

Best SUV For Camper Conversion – Best Cars To Sleep In For Camping

Sport Utility Vehicle(SUV) is bit similar to car. SUV is more roomy bit more beefy. So you can get off the beaten track a little bit better. Makes a better vehicle to sleep in. We all have to shuffle things around to turn it from a car SUV into a camper. But you can live more comfortably in that. So its actually heavier you can have a rooftop tent which is quite handy. But that is not very stealthy.

best suv for car camping suv tent
SUV With Rooftop Tent. Image via [Grant Wilson – Flickr] (copyright-free)

We are going to explain you the three best SUV for car camping. Our three picks are the Toyota Tacoma double cab with the TRD sport package and preferably a topper. Toyota 4Runner trail edition and the Toyota Tundra with the TRD package in the double cab configuration.

Toyota Tacoma

best suv for car camping toyota tacoma
SUV For Car Camping – Toyota Tacoma. Image via [] (copyright-free)

The Toyota Tacoma double cab long bed with a topper is probably the most popular for campers. It gives you a 6 foot bed and the reason. I like the TRD package is in here. You have an outlet you may have thousand of things that you’d want to plug in while you’re out in the woods. A topper is just the cherry on top of the camping sundae it’ll keep you dry and it’ll keep things quiet while you sleep in the back.

Toyota 4Runner

living in a vans best suv for car camping toyota 4runner
SUV For Car Camping – Toyota 4Runner. Image via [] (copyright-free)

The 4Runner is unquestionably one of the strongest and most capable off-road vehicles on our list that we have still made with a body-on-frame construction. So we can get you into the rugged mountains. Perhaps the most obvious of the vehicles to use for car camping is the double cab.

Toyota Tundra

suv you can sleep in toyota tundra
SUV For Car Camping – Toyota Tundra. Image via [ by Gillfoto] (copyright-free)

The reason that we recommend the TRD package is pretty simple. You have off-road shocks and a skid plate underneath. That’s really going to protect this truck when you’re going out into the wilderness. That TRD package just keeps it really really capable. So you can get in places that other vehicles couldn’t. The double cab leaves us a six and a half foot bed. So most people are going to fit really comfortably in there.

They have a two packages. So if you even want to have an alternative and pull an SUV into the woods you have that option as well with the two capacity ranging in the 10,000 pound area. So there are our recommendations for car camping again something we love to do in the North West all you need to do is grab your camping chair grab your cooler and your marshmallows and you’ll be good to go. Read more camping tips

Living In a Van – Best Cargo Van To Live In

Standard cargo van. You gonna unable to stand up in it. It wont have as much ventilation as a van with a lot of window that could open. But the stealth is the main factor most people consider about. So you don’t have to pay to sleep places.

Chevy express 2500

most reliable cargo van
Cargo Van to live in. Image via [wikimedia] (copyright-free)

Living in a Chevy express 2500 with v8 engine. You wouldn’t mind having a diesel but they cost a lot. Chevy have about an inch extra width through the van. Van has at least about three extra inches in length in the cargo area. That is in the standard wheelbase. The Chevy also has a much tighter turning radius that can turn around in much smaller area. Chevy definitely have more horsepower. Also they have higher resale value.

Living In a Vans – Conversion Vans

These vans tend to have blind in the window because they’ve helped window all the way around. You can pretty much tell somebody’s camping in these and they are available in high top versions as well. If you are going to to be boon-docking or camping in campsites this could be a good option. The clear advantage of conversion van is you don’t have to worry about stealth. You have got all kind of water connections and kitchen inbuilt into these things.

best cargo van to live in
Conversion Vans to live in. Image via [flickr by grassrootsgroundswell] (copyright-free)

We hope that we helped you make a decision with the kind of an van you want to get and you have fun on the campgrounds or living in a van.