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Today we are here at Disney fort wilderness campground and we are going to review Disney fort wilderness campground.  I would  like the campgrounds . It’s their onsite campground i’s say i do love the campground. Campground is beautiful group of named fort wilderness campground as top rv park in the country. If you stay here you can see beautiful space and you can see air stream and truck back there. But don’t forget to look behind natural forest. You should know this is very natural with the landscaping really thick and lush. There’s a lot of wildlife around here we’ve seen deer, wild turkey and armadillos. So we are just going to show you camping experience of Disney world rv park

Fort Wilderness Cabins
Fort Wilderness Cabins By Chris Harrison

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wilderness animals
Armadillos – Disney fort wilderness campground

Fort wilderness that unlike other campgrounds we’ve stayed. At here you never even have to get out of your vehicle to check in you just pull right up. When you enter the campsite far right there is an area for overflow parking. Fun fact about this area is that you can park here if you arrive early the day of check in and utilize the campground amenities and Disney’s theme parks. You can also do this day of checkout up until midnight. It was a nice way to get most out of our stay.

About wilderness campground

Disney’s fort wilderness resort & campground has  been open since the 70’s it is 700 acres has 799 campsites and 409 cabins. Lets head an over to our campsite. This particular site is a premium campground. At our campsite there is large concrete pad with room to park our RV, our car, a golf cart and more… as well as picnic table and a grill. We even left room behind the RV for my workouts which i should add only happen one day while we were there. One thing to mention is Disney does allow fire pits.

At your campsite as long as they are completely contained these sites offer full hookups as well as have WiFi access which was good enough for basic internet use. You can see campsites are staggered to allow for privacy trash and recycling is conveniently available throughout the campground. Each loop has a comfort station with pristine bathrooms and showers, also each shower is clean with a small private changing area and the shower have really hot water which is  always a great find at a campground. In the comfort station there is also laundry. There are vending machines for laundry products. There’s even an app that you can use to tell you how much time is remaining on your washer or dryer and leave your change in the RV you can only pay with debit or credit card here.

Pet friendly campground

Disney World RV Park allow Fire pits

Lets head on over the dog park. There is golf cart parking there a large fence area with few obstacles for the dogs brings the kids too. Because there is an adjacent playground in volleyball court. Our campsite was 1.5 miles from the dog park. If you are looking for loops that are within close walking distance consider cypress knee circle or buffalo bend. We were told when we were there that the entire campground is now pet friendly rather than just certain loops as it was previously.

Lets head on over to the fort marina. This was the water front. There was plenty of bike and golf cart parking. Here there’s a sandy beach and boat rentals as well as a stand for refreshments.  This is also where you can take a boat ride to fort wilderness lodge the contemporary or the magic kingdom.

Food and refreshments and recreational activities

At the fort marina there are several places to enjoy food and refreshments. “P&J” ‘s southern takeout is a quick service takeouts. “Trails” is on the same building which has a breakfast and dinner buffet. If you have dietary restrictions or allergies the chef’s that these restaurants are quite accommodating the  Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue show also in this area at pioneer hall. If you’re just looking for beer wine or cocktail rockets tavern is right  there too. The settlement trading post is a store that has everything from souvenirs drinks,snack to quick prep. Freezer food located midway through the campground. The meadow trading post is another store that has similar items and also has RV specific items such as tank pods,toilet paper sewer hoses and water  hoses.

In case you may need them near the meadow trading post there were recreational activities available such as shuffleboard,archery and canoeing. Their campground and RV are insured. An area for scheduled movie nights at the meadow was the main pool and snack bar. This is one of the busier pool most of time as it had a water-slide and a DJ they are playing music and games with the children’s. There’s a kiddie play area in the same section that was under refurbishment. At the time apart from the main pool there’s a quite pool and hot tub if you’re just looking to relax. The Tri-circle-D Ranch was where you can take horses out.

Disney world map

Disney world Overview Map

Fort wilderness tent camping

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Lake Entrance

Other than the RV sites there are primitive camping site on the property with nearby comfort stations. There are also tent camping site available with electric,water,picnic table and grills. If that’s more your speed and over 400 air conditioned cabins available in their own cabin loops. A short walk from your campsite at the entrance to the loop is a bus station that helps make travel in the campground easier a short ride and you’re at the front of the campground waiting for your next bus to take you to favorite park. Thanks for reading like dislike, share, subscribe and comment us what you think about fort wilderness camping in the comment. thanks

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