Camping While Pregnant – Guide to Getting Comfortable


Can you go camping while pregnant ?

We will be giving some tips for those who are interested and plan on doing pregnant camping

Question: My husband wants to take the family camping. Should I go camping while pregnancy?
Answer: In your first pregnancy trimester, the problem is nausea and vomiting. In the third trimester, it is the risk of going into labor. So camping while pregnant first trimester and third trimester more risky.

Question: What’s the risk of the second trimester of pregnancy?
Answer Having trouble bending over, hiking to the bathroom every hour and generally being slowed down.

Question: So you think I shouldn’t go camping while pregnant.
Answer It’s a great idea to get family time in before the new baby. Your older children will appreciate it, and it is a lot easier to go camping now than with a baby in a carrier.

Question: But you’ve given me all these reasons not to go. And it is so uncomfortable, from the bugs to the temperatures. Demand an air mattress?
Answer If you aren’t sleeping in a cottage with a bed, require a tent with mosquito netting, tent with air conditioning or a cabin.

Question: That does make it more comfortable.
Answer Either get a cabin with a bathroom or a tent site very close to a bathroom. It would be best if you didn’t have to walk a long way to use the bathroom, which you’re going to use a lot.

camping while pregnant - pregnant camping tips
Camping While Pregnant

Answers for most common questions you have camping while pregnant

Question: What else could I do? He’s so set on going.
Answer Don’t go camping in the hottest part of the summer, because you’ll have trouble cooling off.
Don’t go camping if you feel ill at all, because you’ll have fewer resources available there is a problem. Don’t go camping by motorcycle. Don’t use tent heaters while pregnant because some heaters has propane gas.

Question: I could sit in the lake all day. That’ll cool me off.
Answer Then who’s watching the kids? And don’t go camping if you are still suffering from morning sickness.

Question: So demand a modern camping experience and go before my third trimester. That’s manageable.
Answer Most of moms can’t manage more than three days, because of the baby! That’s it, blame the baby. Why not blame the baby? In short order, everyone else will.

Why People Go Camping While Pregnant

Most of the people love to go outdoor, but when they got pregnant, they started to wonder is this are we going to have to put our camping trips on hold or am I just going to be miserable every time we go camping, and perhaps you’ve wondered the same thing. 

From a Mom Who’s Done It 

Camping While 8 Months Pregnant

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant. But I have gone camping twice during this pregnancy. Once when I was 30 weeks and once I was 36 weeks pregnant. I just wanted to share with you a little bit of what I learned. Because I wasn’t miserable, and I was able to enjoy our experience.
But there were some important things that I did to ensure that I was able to enjoy my experience. If you are full time camper, Yes! you should have RV insurance.

Know your limitations camping while pregnant

risks of camping while pregnant
Pregnant Camping Tips

The most important thing is to know your limitations and to follow any recommendations from your physician camping while pregnant. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. So the most important people to listen to are yourself, your body, and also your health care providers. So that’s the most important thing. If you don’t have any health restrictions and can go camping and hiking and stuff like that. Then three things really helped me with our camping trips.


So the first one is to plan. I’ll give you a few examples of this. First of all, this is important because when you’re pregnant, you’re not as quick and agile as you usually. Sometimes you don’t think about how that will impact you. But if you plan your camping trip and give yourself plenty of time to pack camping gear and get supplies ready. 


It’s important to give yourself time to plan and prepare. Pregnant food is essential for pregnant camping. You’re always eating and wanting to eat the right foods and so. Planning that is essential to make sure that you have enough meals, snacks got everything available camping while pregnant. In addition to that, it’s good to have the food planned as quickly to prepare as possible(You know camping is pretty active so you will probably get tired quicker than you usually)


camping while 8 months pregnant clothing for pregnant camping
Clothing for Pregnant Camping

When you’re pregnant, your body temperature changes a little bit. So you might not know how you’re going to react if you don’t go camping while you’re pregnant. You may be only go camping one time during one pregnant scene.

You’re not entirely sure if you’re going to be too hot or too cold, depending on how the weather is. So I would say just kind of plan for both and take whatever clothing you need accordingly. It may seem like you’re taking a lot of clothes, but when you’re pregnant, and you’re too hot, are you too cold, it’s miserable.

So better to take what you need to be prepared and try to be comfortable camping while pregnant. 



Another thing I want to talk about with planning is pee. Super big, this is probably one of the biggest important things you know. When you’re pregnant, you start having to go to the bathroom more and more, and so you want to be close to a bathroom. So when you’re planning your camping trip, that’s one thing to be aware of is how far away is the bathroom from the campsite that you’ve reserved. 

If you can’t reserve a campsite to make sure you get one that’s as close to the bathroom as possible. Also, if you’re planning a hike, not all walks have access to a bathroom, but if you can find one that does maybe have a toilet on the trail, that’s, of course, going to be better for you.

camping while pregnant third trimester
Camping While Pregnant


Next tip is to be kind to yourself. You are camping while pregnant is not the time to prove how rugged you are. I would say it’s time to take care of yourself and listen to your body. Just be kind to yourself. I think it’s okay to be to make accommodations so that you’re comfortable. Because you want to enjoy the camping experience, you don’t want to go and be miserable.



The massive one for me with this is the sleeping situation camping while pregnant. Sleeping in a tent is not generally the most pleasant experience. When you’re pregnant, it’s tough to get comfortable sleeping anyway and so putting the two together seems like the worst idea in the world camping while pregnant.

Why would you camp and sleep in a tent while you’re pregnant? I worked hard to set up a sleeping situation. So that I felt like I would be maybe not as comfortable as I am at home but at least close enough. If you want to go camping while you’re pregnant, do what you need to to make yourself comfortable while you’re sleeping. So you can get as much sleep as you can. 

On both of our camping trips and I was 30 weeks pregnant and 36 weeks pregnant I kind of had this elaborate. We had sort of memory foam bed toppers, multiple layers of blankets. I took all the pillows from my bed which is like six pillows. We really wanted to be comfortable, and I thought it was acceptable camping while pregnant. I didn’t feel like I was more uncomfortable than if I had been at home.


pregnancy food camping while pregnant
Camping Foods

Some other things to be aware of when you’re trying to be kind to yourself while you’re camping is to make sure that you eat and drink enough. When you’re outside in camping like I said it’s an activity, it’s very active, but even if you’re not doing a lot of action, it still takes a toll on your body to the outside. So you want to make sure that you stay hydrated and that’s your eating enough and so don’t skimp on the food there. Make sure you take enough for what you need camping while pregnant.


Hiking While Pregnant

Go easy on the activities; don’t push yourself. My husband and I usually do a hike when we go camping, and for both of these times, it was evaluating how do I feel in the morning. What hikes are available? Are there any that are pretty easy. How many miles do they think I can handle. On the first trip, when I was thirty weeks, I thought I could feel maybe like a mile hike. So we did a little walk and then on the second one no hike.

So don’t push yourself don’t you know to go and enjoy the experience and if that means you maybe aren’t doing everything that you use we would do that’s okay too and you can still have a good time camping while pregnant.

hiking while pregnant
Hiking while Pregnant


The last tip is to be flexible, and so like I’ve mentioned many times before. You are just going to be moving slower when you’re pregnant, and you probably won’t feel up to doing everything that you usually would on a camping trip. So be flexible if you were planning to do an activity and then that day you don’t feel like you can do it.

Give yourself plenty of time because you’re going to be moving slower. You might not be able to know to throw things in the car and go like you usually would, or you might not be able to pop out of bed and eat breakfast and be ready to go.

So be flexible and don’t plan anything to be rushed camping while pregnant. Don’t plan activities that are like we have to do this activity or die. It’s good to make sure that you’re camping mates know that.


I want to mention one last thing, and that is that when I was 36 weeks pregnant, I underestimated a little bit the way that my body would change and how I would feel as I got pregnant. So don’t underestimate that fact remember that as you get pregnant you’re going to be more tired and you might have to make more adjustments camping while pregnant. If you go camping on cool or hot climate use safe tent heaters or camping air conditioner by recommendations from your physician. Read or guide to select tents best tents with ac ports.

pregnant camping while pregnant second trimester
Pregnant Camping

All you pregnant ladies out there that want to go camping you can do it plan accordingly. If you have any doubts, leave a comment down below.

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